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    Donation Of MultiMedia Global Education Transformation Business Plan

    Systemic, Scalable & Sustainable

    Global Call To Action

    According to leading studies, an average of more than USD $2.00 Billion are spent each year on remedial training for incoming college and university freshman, worldwide. Yet, if current practices continue, barely 40% of these incoming freshman will even graduate from a 4-year university or college.

    Preserving the status quo will not result in increased numbers of high school graduates who are prepared for challenging, rigorous work in college and the Global Economy. Maintaining “education-as-usual” will not reduce the billions of dollars of new money spent each year … for the same remedial training for students … over … and over, again.

    International leaders in education, business and industry seem to agree: Cost-effective, transformative education is needed at public schools, worldwide, for all in-service and pre-service teachers and for all students, at every grade level, at every public school, K-12CollegeCareer.

    The Ford Program-GEI Project will donate the MultiMedia Global Education Transformation Business Plan developed during a three-year collaborations with leading international educators from Africa, India, Latin America and the United States. The Global Education Transformation Business Plan is designed to be systemic, scalable and sustainable … to close painful education gaps at public schools, worldwide. Donations will be made to governments and countries, to help accelerate Global Education Transformation for all public schools, K-12→College→Career.


    … Unfolds the strategic recommendations for Education Transformation provided by leading educators from Africa, India, Latin America and the United States to close the education gaps, deliver the best content and best world educators, and save millions of dollars for all public schools, worldwide, K-12→College→Career…


    The Ford Program donates a MultiMedia Global Education Business Plan anchored by 3 Pillars Of Education…

    •Teachers-As-Education-Coaches’ Training for In-Service and Pre-Service Teachers; •21st Century E-Library with OER content; and •Students’ Applied-Learning STEM iLAB Programs