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  • Best Educators & MultiMedia STEM Education Materials can be delivered to public schools, worldwide, 

    Best Educators & MultiMedia STEM Education Materials can be delivered to public schools, worldwide, K–12→College→Career

    Global Education Transformation
    Executive E-Summary

    In response to international education finances and the call-to-action for Global Education Transformation, The Ford Program-Global Education Initiative [GEI Project] donates a value of $3.2 million in MultiMedia STEM [science-technology-engineering-math] Education Materials for each public school in countries, regions and states committed to long-term education transformation at all their public schools, K-12→College→Career. The STEM Education donations, which now include more than 70,000 online pages of multimedia programs and materials, are made directly to Top Government Officials, Government Education Agencies and to Departments and Ministries of Education in countries, worldwide.

    In addition, The Ford Program-GEI Project donates what may be the first MultiMedia Global Education Transformation Business Plan that is systemic, scalable and sustainable to close the gaps in public school education, worldwide, K-12→College→Career:

    I.  Donation Of MultiMedia Global Education Transformation Business Plan: Collaboratively developed with leading international educators, the Multimedia Global Education Transformation Business Plan includes supporting data templates and checklists. The Multimedia Global Business Plan for transformative education is specifically designed to:

    • Reduce remedial education costs by $2.0 billion, USD, a year;
    • Provide annual core STEM subject matter and 21st Century Skills’ Training with Mentoring and Follow Up for all public school teachers, K-12→College;
    • Deliver the best OER STEM content directly to all public schools, K-12→College;
    • Assure that every student, at every grade level, at every public school both attains and can apply STEM Education and other 21st Century Skills, with proficiency, K-12→College→Career; and
    • Develop the Next Generation Leaders in science, technology, engineering and business enterprise, worldwide.

    II.  Donation Of $3.2 Million Value In MultiMedia STEM Education Materials: With upgraded content from leading international educators, engineers and academic institutions, The Ford Program-GEI Project develops and donates a value of $3.2 million in MultiMedia STEM Education Materials for each public school, K-12→College→Career. All MultiMedia STEM Education donations will be made directly to countries and governments to help accelerate Global Education Transformation that closes persistent education gaps, worldwide. All donations include transformative multimedia materials with innovative science and technology applications for both teachers and students, K-12→College→Career:

    16 Vital Science Areas: Collectively, the donations of MultiMedia STEM Education Materials cover 16 science areas vital to the 21st Century Global Economy. Significantly, each STEM Education Program in each of the 16 areas of science includes applied biology, chemistry, math and the laws of thermodynamics related to the main science area, K-12→College→Career:

    MultiMedia Training eData Center: Included within the donations of MultiMedia STEM Education Materials is the online MultiMedia Training eData Center that provides on-demand training and mentoring-follow up for public school Teachers-As-Education Coaches and for public school Students-As-Proactive Learners, K-12→College→Career.

    Timeline Of Upgraded Donations: The next phase of The Ford Program-GEI Project upgraded donations to countries and governments for their public schools, K-12→College→Career, begins in 2019, and continues through 2021.

    The Ford Program

    … develops and donates MultiMedia STEM Education Materials for public schools  to help close persistent education gaps, worldwide, K-12→College→Career.

    Global Education Transformation

    … Is anchored by  Pillars of Education: 
    Pillar I:  
    Teachers-As-Education Coaches’ Training; 
    Pillar II:  
    21st Century E-Library with Strong OER Content;  and 
    Pillar III:  
    Students’  Applied-Learning STEM iLAB Programs … 

    All Ford Program-GEI Project donations are designed to help close K-12→College education gaps and to help develop the Next Generation leading scientists, engineers, technologists, and business executives within public schools, worldwide, K-12→College→Career

    Global Education Transformation

    … GET-3 …
    really is Education 3.0, where
    Teachers are Education Coaches who guide the learning of their Students … 
    Students are Pro-Active Learners who attain and can apply 21st Century Skills with proficiency to real-world issues …
    Every Student,
    Every Grade Level,
    Every Public School,

    The content in every MultiMedia Science e-Book is from leading academic and industry experts …  with relevant biology, chemistry, math and laws of thermodynamics applied
    in each MultiMedia Science e-Book in each of the 16 vital areas of science. 
    … GET-3 …