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    Wisdoms Learned … Revisiting “Win Together or Lose Together” By Thomas Friedman …

    In July-August 2011, author and New York Times op-ed columnist Thomas Friedman wrote two columns that still resound … their application timeless and universal. Both the July 2011, column “Can’t We Do This Right?” and August 2011, column “Win Together or Lose Together” focus on the main issue that confronts developing and industrialized countries, today: What does a 21st Century Nation really “need

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    Global Education Transformation [GET] … A Transformation For All Seasons …

    Global Education Transformation … the delivery of the best teacher training, best OER content, and best applied-learning programs for all public school students, K-12→College→Career … It is not just a 21st Century phenomenon. It is a transformation anchored by 3 Pillars Of Education that are applicable for all seasons, for all centuries … but with

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    A Closer … Realistic … Look At STEM Education And 21st Century Skills …

    STEM Education … 21st Century Skills … They’ve become the much-esteemed, twin mantras of the Knowledge Society.In reality, they are so much more to the domestic populations, grassroots’ communities, and economies of nations, worldwide. STEM Education and 21st Century Skills are now the benchmarks of the Global Economy Workforce and 21st Century education. Together, the STEM-21st Century Skills will ultimately

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    Global Education Transformation [GET] … Achievable, Deliverable … Anchored By 3 Pillars Of Education … Today …

    The words sound important … and enigmatic … Global Education Transformation … a fitting term for the Knowledge Society. Increasingly, the three words are read together and spoken more often. The term is becoming part of the “world speak”. In reality, Global Education Transformation is not either an abstract concept or a term-of-art or the most recent “buzz words”. And GET is not

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    Global Education Transformation [GET] Part 2 … National Sovereignty & International Security …

    The three current international crises have always seemed related: economics, employment, education. Given the complex maze of connections within the Global Economy … today, the three crises pose an inseparable, triple-header-threat to national sovereignty and international security for countries, worldwide: EconomicsEmploymentEducation. Look below the surface of each of the three crises and there is the

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